Aspirational vs Practiced Values

By Justin / November 17, 2017
culture, values, aspirational values

A number of years ago, I lead a multinational project and team in Barcelona. One of the training directors of my organization recommended I lead the team through some exercises to help us better understand each other and our roles. One of the exercises was called “What you can expect from me.” It goes like this: Each person makes a list of the things their fellow teammates can expect to get from them. Such as, “You can expect for me to…

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Keep Your Growing Team Healthy

By Justin / November 9, 2017
Growing Team, StrengthsFinder, Culture, Healthy Culture

The best teams continually find ways to grow and improve. They know success and health aren’t destinations and if they ever stop ‘the pursuit’ they risk losing them. These teams know they are defined by what they do today and tomorrow. Not by what they did last week or last year. If you have a team like this, consider these three practices to continue a healthy trajectory: Define People by Their Strengths We choose how we see the world. This…

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12 Years in the Making

By Justin / November 1, 2017
strengthsfinder, strengthsfinder coaching, company culture, working with millenials,

So what’s new with Curabo?  I’ve been passionate about helping people, teams, and businesses grow for most of my life. Over the past few years, I’ve focused on helping businesses and non-profits grow through content, creative campaigns, brand-building, and marketing strategy. I’ve built and designed over 20 websites, created over 40 logos and brands, and launched content campaigns; earning businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in return.   I believe many businesses and non-profits would benefit from help with creative work and content.…

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Do you Need a Mystery Shopper?

By Justin / April 10, 2017
company culture, company culture consultant Orange County, Company Values

Back when I was in high school, my mom got a job as a mystery shopper. A Mystery Shopper is trained by a company to be an ‘incognito shopper’ at their locations in order to ensure standards are being met. My mom traveled all over Oregon and Washington for a grocery chain until her cover was blown and she lost her ability to be anonymous. That was a loooong time ago, but as I’ve thought about this job I realize how…

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Gratitude is Good for Business

By Justin / November 16, 2016

Humans are beautiful and complex creatures. Like an old radio, we’re designed to pick up on unseen frequencies all around us. These are called open-loop emotions that connect with us at a deep emotional level and there are both good and bad frequencies we encounter on any given day. These frequencies come from the relational world around us: human interaction, digital interactions on social media, a smile at the grocery store, or an angry driver who cuts us off on the…

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Addition by Subtraction: A case study in email marketing

By Justin / September 1, 2016
Kevin Rose from Digg sent a great unsubscribe email that deserves some unpacking

Businesses spend a lot of time growing their email lists, but savvy email marketers know it’s better to have an engaged list than a big list. Kevin Rose from Digg recently sent an email telling me he was going to unsubscribed me from his email list because I hadn’t opened an email in a while. I thought I had read them, but it doesn’t matter because his ‘Call to Action’ was for me to add myself to his whitelist…which means his…

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3 Things Nonprofit Fundraisers Should Be Doing With Email Marketing

By Justin / August 23, 2016
How can a nonprofit use email marketing better?

I (Justin) just hung up the phone with a long time friend who works in Madrid, ES. We’ve wanted to go through his email marketing efforts for a while and finally got to it this morning. I thought it would be helpful to write out what we talked about while the conversation was still fresh on my mind.   First, a bit about email marketing in general. Businesses pay a lot of money to buy lists and work hard to grow their list…

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Does Your Website Need a Haircut?

By Justin / April 12, 2016

Websites are like a beautiful head of hair. When taken care of, they are both practical and effective in communicating something unique about you. But when left unattended to, they can be a stinky, tangled mess that nobody wants to get close to. Here are two ways to avoid being the digital equivalent of Phil ‘Tandy’ Miller in Last Man on Earth. 1. Keep your site’s design and user experience updated Many business owners think because they paid someone to design and…

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Why the name Curabo?

By Justin / June 27, 2015

Naming a business or new program is a tall task. You have to consider a lot of things: What does it mean? Is the URL available? Will it be memorable? Are the social media handles available? Does it feel right? Does it have personal significance? Will it make sense as your business grows? Does it make sense for your industry? Is there anyone else in my space with a similar name? ….the list can go on and on!

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Breaking Rules

By Justin / June 16, 2015

My wife and I moved to Paris, France on March 1st of 2005 and we quickly learned the many things we did not know about what we did not know. In some ways, ignorance of cultural rules was a disadvantage but it also presented a wonderful benefit: We had no fear of breaking rules we didn’t know existed. Here’s a sampling of rules we learned in Paris:

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